Global Salon @Emory

The Global Salon @Emory has just kicked off at the start of the school year in Fall 2014. We imagine this as an informal space in which a graduate student or visitor to Emory will present their research on a global gender issue to Emory students, faculty and staff. Come by to meet other students, chat over refreshments and learn about transformations related to gender in one part of the world!

We begin with a look at bra shops in Tehran. Earlier when women bought bras they visited shops in which a salesperson would hand you your size to try on in a community changing room. Now with neoliberal privatization, a new kind of store is becoming popular: women choose their own sizes off racks and change in a private changing room. How does this shift from community nudity to private changing rooms alter women’s perceptions and understandings of their bodies and others’? Tahereh Aghdasifar will present her ongoing research on Tehran’s shifting bra shops in an informal half-hour discussion with us. Join us and bring a friend along! All are welcome!

Bra Trials: The changing shape of community nudity in Tehran

Bra Trials

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