Power Woman Wednesday: Shonda Rhimes

We are bringing back #PowerWomanWednesday- a weekly series on how some of the most powerful women in the world fight for women’s rights.

This week we are featuring Shonda Rhimes who is a screenwriter, director, producer and a trailblazer in broadcast television. She is most well-known as the creator, head writer and executive producer for the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, political thriller Scandal and the much anticipated legal series that is coming out this week: How to Get Away With Murder.  

Rhimes got her break working as a research assistant in the award-winning documentary Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream. She then directed the short story Blossoms and Veils. In 2001 Rhimes wrote Crossroads, the debut film of pop singer Britney Spears and the sequel to The Princess Diaries. But it was in 2005 when she began writing and producing Grey’s Anatomy which really put her on the map in the entertainment industry. Rhimes has been applauded for writing strong, complex, women of color characters such as Olivia Pope, Christina Yang, Callie Torres and Miranda Bailey. This has been such a positive change in primetime television where women of color are often written in as side characters with little complexity.

The Center for Women will be hosting a discussion on Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder on the night of the Premiere this Thursday at 8:30 at Harland Cinema at the DUC.  What are the show’s cultural implications? How do race and gender play out? Join us for a lively discussion and of course the screening of (two) shows!

We salute you Shonda Rhimes and hope that you keep entertaining us with your masterful storytelling and rich characters.

Photo Credit: Reuters


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